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Startup Community: Why 2016 is the year for co-working

When your home isn’t conducive to concentration and cafés are too loud and crowded, where is the freelance professional supposed to work? Productive workspaces are vital to conducting your business. The digital economy More and more Danes are turning to freelance employment. The digital economy is here to stay and many enjoy the benefits of being ‘free birds’, who can decide when, where, how long and for whom they work. These workers are in search of productive spaces to work from and conduct business. One major solution to this growing problem is co-working spaces – communal offices that are shared by new businesses, digital companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Increase in Copenhagen While co-working has been on the rise for a few years now, it looks as if 2016 may be the year that co-working will become mainstream. The number of small and large co-working spaces in Copenhagen is continuing to grow. It is only a little more than a year ago that Rainmaking Loft –Denmark’s largest co-working space – opened its doors to 350 people working mostly in scalable digital start-ups. The space was recently awarded the Best Office Space Award at the Nordic Startup Awards. Just a week ago they announced a partnership with Tryg regarding the opening of a large new space in Ballerup called The Camp.

Reasons o’ plenty One of the obvious benefits of working in a space with other companies and professionals is the ability to network, collaborate, and forge business connections. Operating out of a shared workspace is a way to offer your employees the company culture of a larger business without the operating costs that come with it. For freelancers, the co-working model offers an outside opinion or a brainstorming session to which they otherwise wouldn’t have access. Whether you’re a start-up, a freelancer or an established company, co-working is proving to be beneficial for a growing number of people who are aiming to get more out of their workspace. Do you use a co-working space? Have you considered visiting a co-working space near you? If you haven’t, 2016 might be the perfect time to take the jump. Veja a matéria completa em: “Startup Community: Why 2016 is the year for co-working“ , Cphpost.