Each Co_labore detail has been planned to offer the greatest comfort while considering contemporary aesthetics.
Sustainable and inclusive solutions are part of the space’s architectural design. The entire space is equipped with technological facilities to ensure that your work is agile, creative and dynamic.

Space for coworkers

Integrated environments inspire collaborative work and exchange of ideas. Working spaces feature ergonomic chairs and all Co_labore furniture is made from certified wood.
Space for companies

The private environments are equipped with cutting-edge technology in order to gather together several professionals in just one place. The three meeting rooms with modular tables provide many layout options to meet specific demands and needs.
A coffee break is always welcome. And it’s even better if there are comfortable armchairs and a bookshelf nearby filled with magazines and books. This space also offers a menu with many tasty and healthy dining options.
Coworker access to Co_labore is biometric. This personal safety system that uses fingerprints gives necessary control over hours used and dismisses the need for an ID card. Also, you can connect to the internet through many providers and that means fast, safe and stable connections anytime of the day.
In the external area, a self-draining floor returns rainwater to the soil. There is also a bike rack for those commuting by bicycle.
The beautiful vertical garden covers an external wall and helps filter out air pollution and attracts birds and butterflies.
The reception area has mail, moto-courier and printer services.
The space is also wheelchair accessible, with wheelchair access in rooms and restrooms.