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“My name is Antonin Bartos Filho. For many years, I worked as a businessman at large companies. I very closely followed technological advancements and I have witnessed huge transformations in professional relationships and environments. Now I am seeing the growth of the collaborative economy.

Therefore, I have moved from the role of businessman to entrepreneur with the creation of Co_labore. It is a space that welcomes people who generate ideas. A collective of ideas inspires and motivates each person to create and evolve their own business.

antoninThis is for me a new way of working that can also generate wealth. This is the way I have found to contribute to this new working world. A world where power starts with collaboration.

“Welcome to Co_labore.”

Co_labore is a coworking space. It’s a contemporary and comfortable environment with individual and group spaces and meeting and conference rooms. All feature technological facilities allowing for connections with people and companies worldwide.

But Co_labore is not just a physical space.

Above all, it is a space for broadening intellectual horizons.  Contacts, connections, conversations,ideas, books, tips, magazines, talks and the like  are enriching and bring people together in a vibrant collaborative network, expanding the business possibilities for each and everyone.

Co_labore connects entrepreneurs at different levels of their careers, technological startups, webdesigners, digital coorporations and creatives.

The name Co_labore comes from “labore”, the Latin word for WORK and “colabore”, the Latin word for collaboration, with the prefix “co” meaning joining. Co = I + you.
I+ you are the protagonist of this fresh, new economy.